Soundbytes mag – June 2023

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“To call it revolutionary might be underselling it, but it is simply remarkable in practice.”

“RipX by Hit’n’Mix is a marvelously deep audio editor, and one that goes well beyond some of the nuts and bolts you’d see in something like Adobe Premiere or pitch correction suites like Melodyne. The modules covered in this review, DeepCreate and DeepRemix, allow for a wide range of flexibility.”

RipX isn’t so much an editor as it is a full creation suite. It goes well beyond what you expect of editing audio. Hit’n’Mix claims that it ignores the lines between audio and MIDI, and in practice I would have to agree with them. The core interface resembles an image editor like Photoshop more than an audio application.”

“RipX doesn’t function as a traditional plugin for your DAW. By itself, it is a standalone application. However, if you have an ARA compatible host, it can function as a means of linking the functionality of RipX to your DAW of choice.”

“I’ll be frank and say that RipX has changed the way I approach my own compositions. I use RipX to just make things. Sure, it’s a different experience than working in a DAW, but it is so much fun just to play a bass line on my electric bass and then turn into a snarling Moogish pluck if I desire.”

I have nothing but glowing praise for RipX, but is it right for you? I’d honestly say if you’re involved in any facet of electronic music production, it absolutely is worth your time and energy. It has a level of power I have not seen in audio software in years, especially with how seamlessly it blends audio and MIDI information. You can use it for remixes, pitch correction, or just making songs inside of the environment itself. It might not be suited for mixing or mastering work, but as a creation suite it does remarkably well.”

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