Digital Drummer mag – June 2023

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“RipX works with multiple popular audio formats including MP3 and .wav. If you’re doing separation to create a drumless track (or even a drum/percussion teaching track), RipX’s output would get a thumbs-up. The workflow is logical and intuitive.

“For RipX, The Shadows’ song Apache was like a knife at a gunfight – the software quickly digested the song and spat out clear, clean stems. Next, I tried Elle King’s Ex’s & Oh’s, a song characterised by a thumping floor tom rhythm that mirrors the bass guitar. The software separated the track neatly, and muting all the drum-related tracks produced another near-perfect drumless track. Toto’s Africa is another good test track because the drums/percussion are so tightly woven in with the guitars and keys. Again, RipX did better than the splitters in our previous tests which left sonic gaps in the song when the drums were muted.”

Producers or those who like to delve deeper will find plenty of bells and whistles in the DeepRemix solution, not to mention the companion DeepAudio and DeepCreate programs.

RipX is a very sophisticated program to dissect mixed audio tracks. At its most basic level, it reliably splits songs into separate stems, making it easy to mute drum and percussion sounds without impacting too much on the remaining instruments and vocals – something that can’t be said for a lot of the “splitter” apps and services out there.”

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