Production Expert – Feb 2023

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DAWs are a wonderful modern invention when it comes to recording and mixing, but sometimes they may not be the best way to capture ideas.I found myself in just this situation recently. I needed to get a lot of sound ideas down fast. It was as simple as find a synth sound, come up with a melody, record it and save it to a file.

“There’s even tools to separate the audio if you’ve recorded, for example, a guitar and voice and want to take them to seperate tracks for further treatment. For example, the excellent tools from Hit’n’Mix.

“So, should you get a killer idea down and need to add other instruments, then it’s not that hard to do it anymore. You can time correct loose audio to a grid, or if you wish, have everything follow the loose audio, now there’s a nice idea.”

I’d like to suggest there’s often a stage before the DAW, for some it might be using the audio recorded on their phone, or an equally simple audio recording app on their computer. Sometimes we put the cart before the horse and do a lot of the stuff we should be doing post-idea beforehand. Whatever tool you choose, consider that making a DAW the first choice may be counter-productive and reduce your creativity.

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